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Burden Lake Association

The next meeting is July 16 at 

SHAC (Skyhigh Community Center) 27 Lake Ave, Averill Park


  • The annual picnic will be held on Saturday 8/10 at the Morrisseys, Johnsons and Pratts.

  • The Poker Paddle will be hosted by Daryl Bart on Saturday 9/21

  • Pontoonpalooza will be held on any Friday evening that pontoons and any other vessels, motor or not, gather in the middle of 2nd Lake. Bring something to share. 

Burden Lake Road Closure Information

The Burden Lake Dam System:1831-2024 By Larry McKeough

Elevations and Bathymetric Survey Measurements Around Burden Lake By Larry McKeough

Chemical Labels

ProcellaCOR - Specimen Label

ProcellaCOR - Special Local Need (SLN) Label

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